[HOONIGAN] DT 200: New Game! Sh*tcar Corn Hole – AKA “Sh*t Hole”

  The guys at Hoonigan are known for coming up with some of the most ridiculous ...


The guys at Hoonigan are known for coming up with some of the most ridiculous ways to pass the time at their Headquarters, known to all as the Donut Garage. From the obvious time spent shredding tires and slinging rubber outside to working on their various projects inside and of course, videoing everything to share with us, they have plenty going on all the time, even if to the untrained eye a lot of it may look like goofing off.

And then of course there’s the time they spend actually goofing off, playing games such as Sh*tcar Corn Hole, one of the most ridiculous games I’ve ever seen and seriously want to try someday. Most of us have played, or at least heard of, Corn Hole. If you’ve been living under a rock, it’s basically slightly-less-accurate horseshoes, tossing beanbags onto a board with a hole cut in it. You get a point if the bag stays on the board and three points if your bag goes in the hole. Simple, right?

Well, let’s take the board and make it a car, and why not the crew’s bastard child Sh*tcar BMW. And instead of a hole, let’s screw an assortment of laundry baskets into the sides and hood of the car for targets. Then lets have one team drive the car around while the other team tries to toss beanbags into the baskets. Or into the car itself. Or into the car’s truck-exit exhaust, which is good for a million points. Hert and Kikawa team up to take on Zac and Dan with each team having a total of thirty bags to toss toward the car.

In true Hoonigan fashion, the rules evolve as the game is played, with points also being awarded for headshots on the team in the car as well as catching bags in mid-air! As you can see, these guys have a blast, with Hert and Kikawa taking the win in dramatic fashion with a huge final round on defense! If anybody in or around North Alabama wants to get together and play Sh*tcar Corn Hole, please let me know! I’ll get us some GoPros for a day and we’ll have a blast!

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