McLaren Improperly Towed by NYPD Tow Truck… Ouch!

Sometimes, when you see videos of cars being taken away, you really can’t help ...

Sometimes, when you see videos of cars being taken away, you really can’t help but cringe. I guess that, at the end of the day, a lot of this comes back to the responsibility of the owner who probably shouldn’t have parked illegally in the first place, however, something about this video just makes you want to jump through the screen and tell these guys that they’re doing it all wrong. You almost don’t feel as bad for the owner of the car as you do for a car itself as it’s getting drug down the street and put in harm’s way for potential damage to be done.

With how low a car like the McLaren pictured here sits, you can’t help but think that the proper way to tow it would be to use a flatbed. In fact, I think that most vehicles should probably be towed via flatbed but probably due to expense and maneuverability, tow companies use traditional tow trucks instead. This is certainly a situation where they might’ve wanted to think twice as the stance of the car might have caused the front end to drag on the ground and rip off the bumper should they hit any potholes or other road debris which are plentiful in New York City, however, the police wouldn’t be deterred as they would break into the car and slap it on the back of the tow truck to yank it away to whatever recovery yard they saw fit.

If you followed along in the video below, you’d end up getting up close and personal view of this tow that doesn’t exactly go the way that you would think that it would go when handling an expensive car like that. Also, depending on the rules and regulations of this particular jurisdiction, if any damage was done to the car while being towed, the police company would be on the hook to pay for it and that’s definitely not a bill that I think they would be ready to pay up on.

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