Pawn Stars’ Chumlee & Friends Get in a Hollywood Fistfight

As you probably know, having fame does have a lot of perks and when you take one look ...

As you probably know, having fame does have a lot of perks and when you take one look at the Pawn Stars Chumlee, it kind of looks like he has ridden the coat tails of success all the way to a small fortune, however, as it turns out, fame isn’t always the greatest thing ever sometimes, some of the things that you might’ve taken for granted when you weren’t famous are simply not there anymore. This time, Chum gets a little lesson in how to deal with overly aggressive fans in the streets as his entourage comes across a problem that they have to deal with.

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You see, while some fans are respectful of personal space, others might not necessarily understand that construct. As you can probably guess, this fan is a member of the latter as he seems to have breached that unspoken rules of personal space that really exists for every human being. The fan was determined to get a ride in his Rolls-Royce and quickly got shut down. This wasn’t where the fun would end though as the fan would threaten to pull a gun on the reality television star and this is when his entourage got to work.

Once someone threatens violence with a weapon, anything is fair game and this is when you see the guys jump into action, punching the man in the face and kicking him once is on the ground just to make sure that he’s temporarily disabled so that he’s unable to go for that gun. You don’t know if he had a weapon or not for sure but if he’s threatening it, you definitely don’t want to take any chances because it could end up getting ugly. Follow along in the video below as someone had pulled other phone and managed to capture the entire situation as it unfolded in the streets. This isn’t a situation that anybody would want to be a part of and I would say that they did an appropriate job of handling the threat.

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