Wicked Blown Family Boat Will Scare The Hell Out Of The Kids!

To go fast on land, it takes a special kind of person who can deal with the ...

To go fast on land, it takes a special kind of person who can deal with the adrenaline of blasting to high speeds. For those who are doing it, it might seem like second nature at this point for a lot of drivers but for many, even going over 100 mph might even seem like a daunting task. However, this time, we’re shooting for a bit more than that as we go along on a ride that would probably terrify a good amount of people when you consider all of the factors in play.

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When you take that speed to the water, it really kicks the whole ordeal up another notch. Not only does it feel like you’re going twice as fast with the change of surface but with any choppy area of the water, you could be going for an unforeseen jaunt into the air. When you think about all of these things, the world of boating kicks things up to a new level, really seeing just how far the pilot of a machine like this is willing to push it. When you have a nice and smooth day out on the lake, the possibilities are pretty wild!

This time, we check out a boat that is truly a monster that could just leave you speechless. This incredible machine looks like you can slap a couple of people on board and scare the life out of them! If you could catch a smooth stretch of water, just imagine how much that would be able to cut down on your travel time!

If you follow along with the video below, you’ll be able to see what it feels like to go for a spin in an insane lake boat that manages to clock home some pretty crazy flybys as the screaming engine gets put to the test. There’s just something so special about watching a boat rocket around like this so seemingly effortlessly that really makes you get into the hobby full swing! When you throw in the sound that the thing makes, it’s almost too good to be true! Be sure to check out the action and tell us what you think of it for yourself.

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